TRON -based smart contract development

Present-day blockchain-based decentralized technologies make it possible to develop smart contracts in various systems that are gradually replacing Ethereum. A new TRON platform is quite a sustainable one and convenient for developing various projects. This environment can easily adapt to requirements of developers of any types of applications.
TRON-based smart contracts
Contracts are created by TVM virtual machine that is compatible with EVM. Which means that Ethereum smart contracts can be easily written on TRON as well and tested before use. This compatibility makes it possible to transfer DApps to a resource with larger bandwidth capacity in no time. For example, such games like Crypto Kitties and Pepe the Farmer faced problems operating on Ethereum due to substantial platform load, which could handle only 10-25 transactions per second. There are no problems with this on TRON, since its processing speed reaches up to 200 transactions per second. Therefore, it is more convenient to develop games on the blockchain basis because of its larger bandwidth capacity. This guarantees high rates of performance and functionality. Moreover, smart contracts can be deployed free of charge, since there is no need to pay for gas.
The virtual machine makes it possible to run ready-made and existing developments without mastering a new programming language. These conditions significantly reduce time of executing smart contracts and simplify the process. Access to the machine is not limited by possession or amount of tokens. However, to increase security and reduce risks of hacking attacks, a capacity limitation has been introduced. In case it is exceeded, a contract or an application is transferred to a separate server in order to reduce the total network load.

Transactions are simplified and resources can be saved due to lighter architecture, fine-grained algorithms and operational stability. The machine will also be used for decentralized applications or games, various complex scientific or financial calculations.
Blockchain applications development
TRON blockchain-based development will be less of a problem for professionals. The infrastructure is characterized by exceptional bandwidth capacity and multiple scalability functions. For those users who have Ethereum-based DApp, various games and applications or smart contracts and would like to switch to TRON, our company will help to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
By contacting us, you will get high-quality TRON-based development of smart contracts and applications. Our company employs professional programmers possessing solid practical experience. Our managers will be glad to advise you on any issue and explain terms of cooperation.
Smart contracts development
  • Ethereum, TRON, EOS and Hyperledger fabric blockchains
  • In the future, the development of TON (Telegram Open Network)
  • For various purposes: ICO / STO / RICO, DAO, investment, gambling and games, writing data to the blockchain
  • We realize a bunch of smart contract with the outside world, Oraclize, RNG, etc.
Smart contracts development prices
ICO Utility Token
preICO & ICO
Sales pause
Tokens redemption
Bonus System
Custom Functions
Platform: Ethereum
STO Security Token
Security token
$ 3150
preICO & ICO
Sales pause
Bonus System
Custom Functions
Platform: Ethereum
Custom contracts
from $ 3850
DAO voting
ERC 721
Writing data into

and others.
Platform: Ethereum
For business
Private blockchain with secure data storage and transmission.
Contract price
Platform: HyperLedger Fabric
$ 2200
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