FAQ: How to create LTC and DASH wallets

2 ways to create LTC wallets:

1. The software wallet can be downloaded from the official site https://litecoin.org/en. You choose the version for your operating system. The wallet can be used on both local and mobile devices.
You install the LTC wallet as any program. After that you will need to specify the place in which all the blockchain information will be loaded. Attention - the amount of information is more than 10 GB!
The interface of the installed LTC wallet is simple and intuitive. It has 4 main functional units: "Review", "Send", "Receive", "Transactions".
Important! Use the backup file wallet.dat to restore access to the LTC wallet. Access to the wallet will be lost if the file was not created or lost.

2. The online wallet https://block.io. Simple and easy to use. The service requires two signatures for the transaction, so your money is securely stored. The wallet has a quick registration process - enter your email address and create a password. Attention! Keep the secret password secure and do not forget.

2 ways to create a DASH wallets

1. Software DASH wallet. Go to the official site https://dash.org and click on the "Get DASH" button. Choose a place to download the program and run the installation file. The installation process is standard. Click the "Run Wallet" button when the installation is complete. Select the storage location for the blockchain information. After the synchronization is completed, go to the "Settings" tab and click on the "Encrypt Wallet". Then create a password. Your cash will be securely protected if there is a complicated password.
Make a backup copy of the wallet in the "File" → "Backup Wallet" tab.
You can generate a public address for your wallet in the "Receive" tab.

2. Rahakott Online Wallet. The shortest way to create a DASH wallet. Go to the rahakott.io website and click the "Register" button. You should go through the captcha (enter the code from the picture).
Then you will see a window with a mnemonic phrase that you need to copy and save in a separate file. Attention! This is the main identifier to enter your personal account.
Then go to the "Purses", select the DASH currency and come up with a name for the new wallet. The length of the name should not exceed 16 symbol. The public address is automatically generated for this, click the "Generate address" button.
You can enter in your personal account from any devices.

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