HyperLedger Fabric

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Hyperledger Fabric is the latest blockchain technology, specially developed for business processes optimization. Hyperledger Fabric made it possible to introduce private blockchains for automation and problem solution in manufacturing, paperwork management, and corporate management.
Hyperledger advantages include:
Unlike public blockchains, for example, Ethereum, Hyperledger includes a system of "closed" private transactions. Moreover, special attention is paid to user verification. It guarantees that all your data will be hidden from any third parties and stay 100% secure!
High performance
Private blockchains are "compact", which contributes to the highest speed of transactions and data exchange.
Affordable cost
By introducing blockchain technologies, lots of companies have been able to increase their efficiency significantly and cut down expenses.
At the same time, in can be integrated with Ethereum (and other blockchain platforms) any time, for example, if one needs to accept payment in cryptocurrencies or anchor a business application to ICO.
Hyperledger-based applications (programs, smart contracts) can be optimized and configured to solve a wide range of tasks.
Application fields
Such fields include logistics, wholesale and retail sale (including, trade for cryptocurrency), banking and financial sector, corporate networks and much more!
Your business needs up-to-date solutions that guarantee 100% data confidentiality, are fast and reliable? Contact us!

We have already developed a Hyperledger-based logistics program for the first global blockchain platform for direct car sales Gaus Trade. We have no doubts that we will be able to help in developing your business as well. Call us and leave requests on the website – our consultants are at your disposal to answer any questions.
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