Ethereum -based smart contracts development

Everyone has probably heard about an opportunity to make profit from cryptocurrency; however, few people are brave enough to take this step, since the majority is afraid to make a mistake and lose money. The problem is that there are only few experts in this field, who can offer their professional services, and people have to comprehend almost all the basics by themselves, which is extremely risky. Now, this problem has been solved – we specialize in writing smart contracts, blockchain-based development, ICO tools and much more.
Development of blockchain applications
Ethereum blockchain is a system of data transmission and storage by means of successive transaction chains. It is a database that can simultaneously operate on a whole lot of computers. Thus, the system is decentralized, and all the transactions are transparent and secure.
Blockchain efficiency has been duly appreciated by lots of major financial organizations, and for a while now, the system hasn't concentrated on cryptocurrency only. Application development requires vast knowledge of programming principles and decentralized applications.

Ethereum-based smart contracts development
A smart contract is a computer algorithm of concluding virtual commercial transactions within Ethereum blockchain; more specifically, it is related to transferring cryptocurrency or other digital assets, as well as to registering proprietary rights, managing digital money, creating auctions, games, lotteries and so on.The ETH blockchain platform is an open one and the most suitable for completing transactions. Transactions may involve multiple parties. Smart contracts fix an investment amount made by every participant and determine actions attributable to each of the parties.
Advantages include:
No intermediaries required to complete transactions
The parties determine interaction conditions on their own
After being completed, transactions can't be modified, which means that transactions are the utmost secure
No costs
Fulfilment of agreement terms result in no costs, since the parties simply exchange assets
Smart contracts development
Smart contracts development prices
ICO Utility Token
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Tokens redemption
Bonus System
Custom Functions
Platform: Ethereum
STO Security Token
Security token
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preICO & ICO
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Bonus System
Custom Functions
Platform: Ethereum
Custom contracts
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DAO voting
ERC 721
Writing data into

and others.
Platform: Ethereum
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Private blockchain with secure data storage and transmission.
Contract price
Platform: HyperLedger Fabric
$ 2200
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