for STO and ICO
Investor's Private Cabinet for STO
An investor's private cabinet is a powerful multi-tool for launching STO or ICO campaigns. All you have to do is to register and start working. Get all the data, sell tokens online and be in charge of your STO/ICO every minute of day or night.
Smart contract
Multicurrency (BTC, BCH, Dash and others)

Internet acquiring READY

Manual token accruing and AirDrop

Bank payments for buying tokens

Fundraising directly to the organizers' wallets

The possibility of manual restrictions on token purchase
(the requirement to pass KYC, confirm email, etc.)

Convenient visual interaction with the smart contract

The ability to automatically link the price of a token to any currency (USD, EUR & others)

Referral program
ETH only

Automatic ERC 20 token transferring

The ability to collect ETH on the wallet contract

The possibility of a guaranteed refund ETH
(When collecting on the contract wallet)

Ability to automate the processing of an incoming payment
(with ETH)

Transit to the beneficiary of payment splitting, etc.
Investor's Private Cabinets for ICO, STO
Multilingual and multicurrency dashboard. Management of sales and the price of the token occurs directly from the cabinet. Multi-level referral program. Accrual of dividends. KYC. Built-in crypto exchange.
DAICO dashboard
DAICO - the new ICO model proposed by Vitalik Buterin is now implemented in the personal cabinet! Token holders can control how much money is available to the team.
Voting via a smart contract.
Yield charts, investment portfolio structure - clearly and conveniently.
Your investors acquire cryptoactives right in the dashboard and monitor the profitability
Crypto fund dashboard
Investor's Personal Area
or Investor's Private Cabinet includes:
Token smart-contract or/and Crowdsale smart-contract
Token Payments with Ethereum, Bitcoin, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Eth. Classic and others;
Token rating in USD or other currency (every minute update).
Manual token issuing (private pre-sale);
Personal Cabinet translated into the most commonly used international languages (Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Turkish, Arabic, Slovenian and Slovak);
Referral program with a list of participants (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 levels);
History of all transactions (write into blockchain, cabinet smart-contract);
Token price calculator;
Reverse counter (information about pre-sale bonus during each stage);
Schematic display of ICO stages (information about discounts, dates, hard cap);
Information about user's balance;
Information about token price. Binding the price of the token to the rate of USD (every minute update)*;
AirDrop. Accrual of tokens by the list of ETH-addresses (manual or file-table download);
Internal exchange (currency pairs: token - ETH, token - BTC);
KYC (Know Your Customer);
Token freezing;
Flexible setting of bonuses, discounts, price of a token of 1 click;
Setting up automatic letters (registration, authorization, verification, etc.);
ICO charge counter (automatic or manual);
Help and FAQs;
Registration, authorization, password recovery;
Links to social networks, possibility of registration using Social Login.
Customization of all the texts, buttons and alerts in all languages;
Cabinet color setting, logos, favicon, etc.;
Export and import settings;
API keys.
Ready to launch your own STO or ICO?
Then get your own private cabinet and find the way to a huge financial success.

Your STO needs our Personal Cabinet

The main function of the Dashboard is to simplify STO process management. PC is important not only for investors, but also for STO or ICO founders. The key point ensuring investor confidence is the transparency of the funds transfer and receipt of payments in cryptocurrency to the Private Cabinet. For founders it means the autonomy of work, automatic settings for bonus accruals and so on.
Why do you need your own Dashboard for STO?
There're several great reasons why you really need a PC while running your STO/ICO campaigns:
Great usability
Your PC is very user-friendly. Though a PC is based on smart-contract made for a certain ICO, it has much more functions, advanced menus and a familiar interface which you've seen rather often in other PCs. So you don't have to learn programming or have a profound knowledge about smart contracts. The registration process is very simple, and you are free to use any popular social network for authorization. You can always restore a forgotten password pretty easily. Also there's a helpful and detailed FAQ right 'inside' your PC and immediate push notifications for every event.
Investors usually pay for ICO-tokens with ETH (Ethreum cryptocurrency). But it's possible to launch a multicurrency PC and get payments in any cryptocurrency you wish: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ripple etc. You can also get paid with fiat money (in this case meaning "real money").
Know Your Customer
Also the PC has the built-in KYS. It's necessary in order to verify or identify your investors. If they want to take part in ICO, they should fill in forms and download scans of their ID documents. All the personal data is 100% safe and confidential.
100% Safety
Your Private Cabinet is kept on the protected server. It's also secured by the smart-contract containing the unique address of the owner's Etherium account, and by a special web-browser plugin Meta Mask. This plugin (like an Etherium account) is protected by a private key. That key is stored by the operator himself (not in cloud storages or on servers). So, even if someone manages to hack the PC, he won't be able to gain access to Meta Mask meaning he can't cause any harm to the ICO or steal the money.
A lot of different options
You can always order a PC with a lot of extra-options. It can be your company design or a very complicated smart-contract with a lot of additional terms and functions. It's up for you to choose what you want to see in your Private Cabinet for ICO.
In-built referral and bounty programs
You can always check the whole list of referrals and participants of bounty campaigns promoting your ICO. Pay them with tokens or encourage with other rewards. Anyway all the necessary data will be available in the PC immediately in real time.
The PC can fluently "speak" 9 most popular and wide-spread languages, including German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Forget about language barriers and communicate with your investors throughout the world.
You're the boss!
The PC contains all the data you need to know about your ICO or public/ private pre-sales. You can sell tokens online and watch their cost growing, check your balance and all the transactions anytime. In addition there's a countdown timer displaying the time left until the end of the ICO.
This is the Investor's Dashboard
All information about the current STO is displayed in the Purchase token menu. Here, users can purchase tokens at a specified cost, see the stages and timing of the STO and see the overall fees for the project. In the multicurrency Cabinet, the user can choose one of the popular crypto currency for payment. The rate is updated once a minute.

In the menu on the left, you can go to other pages: My Investments, Referral Program, Help, Contacts.
Admin (operator STO)'s dasboard
The STO Administrator's Dashboard is slightly different from the user's Dashboard.

Here all the necessary information in the form of graphs and scales is clearly presented. The price dynamics of the token, the STO stage, the geography of users and their purchases.

One of the functions of the panel is the private accrual of tokens to investors. Operations are performed via MetaMask.

To change other parameters, go to the "Settings" tab.

The administrator can control the progress of the ICO. He sees the tabs available to the user, as well as the tabs for customization.
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