FAQ: Where to create BTC and ETH wallets

2 ways to create a Bitcoin wallet:

1. Blockchain info. To register a new wallet, you need to go to the official site of blokchain.info and click on the "Create your wallet" button on the main page of the site. After that, you need to enter the data to complete the registration - the email address and your password. You'll recieve confirmation letter with a link to verify your wallet. You need to follow the link. Done!

2. Coin Space is a trustworthy wallet, launched in the browser. This wallet is installed on any device from the official website. To register, you need to go to the CoinSpace portal and click on the button "Create a new wallet". Then click on "Generate password". Important! Save and not lose the output words in the "Your password" field. Done! BTC wallet is created.

2 Ways to Create an Ethereum Wallet:

1. MyEtherWallet is an easy to use web wallet, in which you can control a private key on your device.

Registration takes less than 15 minutes. You just go to the official site and create a password. Important! Keep your data (address, private and public keys) securely.

2. The MetaMask Desktop Wallet is an extension for the browser (Chrome and Brave). This wallet stores and sends the crypto currency.

To install it in Chrome, you need to find the extension and download it. Then create your password. Then 12 words will appear. These words will be the way to restore your account.

Password and 12 words must be saved and protected.

Done! After installing this extension, you will see a fox icon in the top panel of the Chrome browser that will open access to your wallet.
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