Smart contracts on the
Ethereum and Tron

Creating blockchain projects for over 3 years
Our main products
Smart contracts development
  • Ethereum, TRON, EOS and Hyperledger fabric blockchains
  • In the future, the development of TON (Telegram Open Network)
  • For various purposes: ICO / STO / RICO, DAO, investment, gambling and games, writing data to the blockchain
  • We realize a bunch of smart contract with the outside world, Oraclize, RNG, etc.
Smart contracts development prices
ICO Utility Token
preICO & ICO
Sales pause
Tokens redemption
Bonus System
Custom Functions
Platform: Ethereum
STO Security Token
Security token
$ 3150
preICO & ICO
Sales pause
Bonus System
Custom Functions
Platform: Ethereum
Custom contracts
from $ 3850
DAO voting
ERC 721
Writing data into

and others.
Platform: Ethereum
For business
Private blockchain with secure data storage and transmission.
Contract price
Platform: HyperLedger Fabric
$ 2200
Dashboards development
  • Multilingual and multicurrency
  • Management of sales and the price of the token occurs directly from the dashboard
  • Multi-level referral program
  • Dividends accrual. KYC
  • Built-in crypto exchange
Dashboards development prices
FIAT money
Internal exchange
Referral program
$ 12 000
Token smart contract
Smart contract
Internal exchange
Referral program
DAO voting
$ 12 000
Smart contract
Internal exchange
Referral program
$ 12 000
FIAT money
$ 15 000
Private blockchains development
  • We are introducing blockchain technologies into business processes and implementing electronic document management
  • IBM Hyperledger Fabric development
Blockchain games development
  • Development of DApps, games and gambling is carried out on TRON and Ethereum blockchains.
  • We use our own successful achievements and make unique applications on smart contracts.
Crypto funds development
  • Yield charts, investment portfolio structure - clearly and conveniently.
  • Your investors acquire cryptoactives right in the dashboard and monitor the profitability
  • Crypto wallets development under the terms of the customer.
  • Connecting the ability to pay for cryptocurrency to your project or dashboard.
  • Internal billing, processing of crypto payments, charging tokens
Smart contracts audit
  • Vulnerability testes and deep analysis of the code
  • PDF report
  • Public video audits
Do you need help?
You don't know where to start, but the blockchain technology is very interesting, isn't it?
You want to hold your own ICO or STO, but you do not know how to issue your own cryptocurrency, don't you?
We will give you advice!
There is a simple and fair coin toss game.
You bet and send the transaction to the Ethereum blockchain.
Smartcontract makes a request to Wolframalpha and gets the result.
If your bet wins, the smart contract immediately sends your gain to your ETH address.
If you lose, then ETH remains on the smart contract.
Get the ready-made game full construction!
The game package includes:
landing page
Smart contract of the game
Topic and account
Listing and promotion
in the ethergames project
Listing on all popular
Market and marketing positioning
According to consulting company H2 Gambling Capital research the global online gambling market in 2018 amounted to 45 billion euros. 26% (11.7 billion euros) accounted for online casinos and casual gambling.
TossCoin can get 5% of online gambling market share by the results of the first year of work and its subsequent increase to 12% during next three years.
Smart contracts use cases
Crowdfunding and ICO projects. Investment in Ethereum via smart contracts.
Business tokenization
Your own ERC 20 token of your draft.
Blockchain games
Popular games based on random number generator and Ponzi schemes.
Map of our clients
How to start ICO?
Do you plan a crowdfunding for your startup company but do not know how to start ICO? We'll help you to raise money with a token sale! Just contact us.
Why you can trust us?
We have already built a lot of smart contracts for last 2.5 years. We participate in meetups, conferences, exhibitions, blockchain technologies and crypto-currencies security forums. Cooperating with us you can be sure that you will get a quality digital product.
What is a Personal Cabinet for the investor?
It allows your investor to buy tokens with different currencies, track the transaction list and balance and participate in referral programs.
Do you have any turnkey solution for ICO?
Yes, of course! We built smart contract tokens and crowdsale, launch ICO web-site with Personal Cabinet, write the WhitePaper, advertizing and PR for your ICO, listing on a digital asset exchange.
What is a smart contract?
It is a computer algorithm concludes and maintains self-executing programs performed on the Ethereum blockchain. Simply put smart contracts allow you to exchange assets without mediators.
Articles about smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, ICOs, crypto currencies, crypto security etc.
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